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The Team

Candace Bond McKeever

President & CEO

Candace Bond McKeever leads Strategic Solutions Group, Inc. (SSG), a small, DBE certified minority woman owned organization specializing in a full array of Community Outreach and Education, Strategic Communications, Marketing, Advertising and Public Affairs. SSG Inc. provides these services for a diverse and demanding client base including corporations and nonprofit entities, federal, state and local municipalities.

As a business development specialist, the Harvard University graduate has been retained by leading organizations to assist in their overall strategic development—delivering targeted, sustainable growth initiatives that connect with clients and customers for such clients as Starbucks, Anheuser-Busch, and Allstate. Read full bio. 

Joelle Shandler

Senior Marketing & Outreach Specialist

Joelle Shandler is a dynamic and highly accomplished strategic marketing and advertising professional with over 25 years of experience working in the automotive, mobile technology, consumer packaged goods, and non-profit industries with an emphasis in multicultural marketing and events. Joelle has served in media and marketing capacities at international advertising agencies and media properties.

Distinguished by her ability to identify the very DNA of brands and entities, Joelle develops integrated multi-platform marketing solutions and unique business partnerships that generate awareness, strengthen brand image, and drive revenue. Her approach is strategic and collaborative, consistently understanding each client’s business as if it were her own.

Joelle has developed sponsorship programs for the Essence Music Festival—the largest African-American Music festival in the country, Women Who Shape the World Conference in New York City, and Cannes International Advertising Awards Show in Detroit. She spearheaded the first national African-American Automotive Purchase Process Study, and has held key roles in grassroots programs across the nation.

The Michigan State University holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and Sciences.

Marjorie F. Gayle

Labor Compliance Manager

Ms. Gayle has almost a decade of experience in the area of Labor Contract compliance; with specialization in small business support. Ms. Gayle developed a curriculum for Santa Monica College Business Division preparing SBE Contractors for prevailing wage Public Works construction work, and has expertise in assisting businesses in DBE/SBE certifications.

Ms. Gayle specializes in monitoring compliance with State and Federal laws for Public Works construction contracts for prevailing wage, certified payroll and for project labor agreements with union trades. Over 9 years of experience auditing all Certified Payrolls for accurate Local Job Reporting.

Experience maintaining and creating accurate and audited database for all construction trade hours (Certified Payrolls) on construction projects and reporting of Local Program hours and providing accurate reporting to regulator entities. Ms. Gayle is proficient in using LCP Tracker.

Ms. Gayle continues to assist prime contractors to identified MBE/WBE/DBE/SBE subcontractors in their efforts to meet diversity goals

Ms. Gayle holds a Bachelor of Science at the University of Southern California and is a graduate of the Turner Construction Book Camp.

Ms. Gayle has almost a decade of experience in the area of Labor Compliance and Contract compliance; with specialization in small business support. She has worked extensively with subcontractors to correct labor compliance deficient submittals. She has an extensive understanding of what contractors don’t understand. Based on Ms. Gayle first-hand knowledge she addresses the common mistakes contractors make.