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Labor and Prevailing Wage Compliance

Scope of Services

SSG provides Labor and Prevailing Wage Compliance enforcement monitoring, ensuring that the Prime Contractor and Sub-Tiers comply with all California Labor Codes as outlined by California State DIR Labor Code Laws 1770-1789 compliance regulations. In addition, SSG works with the Department of Industrial Relations on all SB-854 affected projects.

Our Approach

Before the contractor starts the project, SSG will collect and confirm compliance through the following documents:

  • Copy and proof of sending DAS 140 & 142 to all required trades as outlined in scopes of Works.
  • Copy of Contractors and City Business Licenses Proof of signatory
  • Certification of Understanding and Authorization
  • Statement of Employer Payments
  • Concerning Labor Standards and Prevailing Wage requirements
  • Proof of Workers Comp Insurance
  • Letter of Assent – Contractor promises to a adhere to construction local hire policy (as applicable)
  • Copy and proof of sending a Craft Request for local hire to jobs coordinator or union, if PLA is in place.
  • Prepare materials on labor compliance and coordinate training seminars on LCP tracker.

Before the contractor starts the project, SSG provides each contractor with written prevailing wage and labor compliance requirements of the project along with any additional related documents.

This instructional will include explanations of any documents required by the State as outlined in any funding agreements as well as review of 1st time, weekly, monthly and final required compliance documents due.

SSG collects all compliance required documents from which penalties/fines can be imposed if not submitted in a timely manner. For example: Public Works Contractor Award Information Form (Form DAS 140), Request to Dispatch and Apprentice (Form DAS 142).

SSG ensures contractors have been made adequately aware of what is required of them before they start the project to ensure compliance, and works with the General Contractor in pre-bid meetings and during preparation of bid documents to ensure requirements are specified.

Scope of Work

Once project starts SSG will:

  • Collect Weekly Certified payroll. SSG would refer to use LCP tracker system for all CPR Input as this allows easy tracking of women, minority, apprentice and local hire goals for the projects, if needed. Reports can be created quickly with this system.
  • LCP tracker issue support (e.g. classifications not added, edit payroll reports, etc.)
  • Employee “other” deductions approvals (if applicable)

New statement of employer payments when new crafts added

  • DIR Apprentice Certifications (if applicable) Apprentice agreements (if applicable)
  • Proof of training to CAC and/or fringes paid to 3rd party trustAppendix 1- Track local hire efforts
  • Create monthly progress reports and any other “As-needed” reports to highlight local h hire, etc., as needed.

SSG will keep track of contractors on project each month (E0—-8)

SSG will track local hire data and share with local hire administrators/staff.

Prepare, submit and manage PWC-100 forms

Prepare annual report to the Department of Industrial Relations

SSG will track, monitor and enforce all requirements of California State DIR Labor Code Laws

1770-1780 and any other associated labor laws of all contractors on the project as required by the funding sources.

SSG provides dedicated compliance assistance to all contractors and tiers to ensure all requirements are accurately met. This includes responding to any contractor or sub-contractor questions regarding labor compliance and/or prevailing wage requirements for the project. In addition technical assistance will be available to them as needed.