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Company Overview

Company Overview and Core Competencies

Strategic Solutions Group Inc., (SSG) was formed in April 2011 by Candace Bond McKeever with over 25 years of experience in the following areas:
• Community Outreach and Education
• Labor and Prevailing Wage Compliance
• MBE/WBE/DBE participation solicitation/monitoring
• Local hiring participation/monitoring,
• Marketing and Advertising
• Communications
• Strategic Recovery Solutions

Outreach Services

• At SSG, Inc. we take a well disciplined strategic approach to small business and community outreach to successfully identify qualified small and minority business talent and local community workers.
• Whether small or minority business outreach or local hiring, SSG, Inc. facilitates the removal of hiring barriers to provide equal opportunity to firms looking to participate in meaningful construction jobs.
• To achieve successful results for our clients, we collaborate early and often with our clients to provide viable sub- contracting opportunities that maximize small and minority business participation that result in long term economic impact for the community.

Proven Track Record

• Over the past four years, SSG, Inc. has worked on over 15 projects specifically in the area of labor compliance, MBE/WBE/DBE solicitation and participation monitoring, local hiring participation and community outreach.

• SSG, Inc. consistently delivers successful local hiring programs by partnering with government, unions and community organizations. Our local hire models successfully achieve diversity goals, bring value to area stakeholders and recognition to our clients.

• With five employees, SSG, a small, diversified minority owned organization—certified as LSBE by the County of Los Angeles, a member of the CBE program as an MBE/WBE, and a certified Small Business and DBE by the State of California.